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To change the world for the better, we must do two things well:

1. Become aware of the root of the problems we face today.

2. Create an alternate reality with a different way of thinking than the one that brought us where we are.


B-A-D FOR GOOD is a collective of artists, thinkers, creators and believers that are committed to improving the state of the world by sharing knowledge, asking questions, and creating small jolts to wake us up from our complacent slumber whenever appropriate.

Sometimes we draw attention to what no one else will, sometimes we draw a map to an alternate reality, sometimes we just draw because drawing is fun.

Together, we shift reality for positive, sustainable change.


Want to join us?

Our members are self-selected intellectual snobs that don't take themselves too seriously, but do take their ability to make change seriously.

If you think you fit in, tell us why in an email to join@badforgood.co