What ties these countries together might be what tears the world apart

It isn't just their flags, or that they were allies in the war against religious hatred 71 years ago. These Red, White & Blue nations all see the rising popularity of right-wing politicians who want to build walls to discriminate against people of another faith. 

The artist draws attention to the warning sign emerging from within the depths of these superhero nations as they come together once again, this time on the wrong side of a message of discrimination, security and power.

But this isn’t about race or religion or security. These walls are about money. Piles and piles of money that they want to keep within their own borders. Ironically, the wealth of these nations has been built upon a long history of colonialism and immigrant workers. Hardworking people who believed the promise of a better life if they just worked hard and voted for the man that promised to help them up.

Race and religion are just an easy scapegoat to blame our troubles on. Just because the targeted group isn’t the same as the 1930s doesn’t mean the problem isn’t the same as it was less than a century ago. But the so-called blonde & blue-eyed “Aryan” features of these politicians don’t give us any reassurance, making the entire situation eerily similar to something from the not-so-distant past — giving Red White Blue Deja Vu a double meaning. 



The real winners and losers

The winners of these elections want to maintain their monopoly over power and money, and they prey on the votes of those who are not being served by the current system by speaking at their disadvantaged level, appealing to their anger and frustration by creating clear enemies, although ultimately it remains to be seen if they will truly help those people up.

Human history repeats itself, and the similarities to the 1930s aren't just scary, they are a warning that it's time to make a systemic shift. Voting right-wing is the lazy way to demand change, and it has dire consequences for everyone on the planet. But because of our optimism bias we can't imagine something devastatingly awful can ever happen to us even once, let alone twice. Yet their power is growing and we are supporting it with our vote, or with our silence.

How do we make a systemic change and break down these walls that divide us once and for all? 

The artist lets passersby take stacks of cash away with them, and as they do, the walls slowly come down. Perhaps a universal basic income is the only way to universal basic human unity.

Washington Square, New York
Monday, 7 November 2016

Trafalgar Square, London
Sunday, 20 November 2016

Dam Square, Amsterdam
Sunday, 20 November 2016
Photos by Myscha Oréo

Place de la Republique, Paris
Sunday, 11 December 2016


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